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If you could change one thing in your life?

Matter-Eater Lad

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i would have talked to four tet more/gotten him to sign something or take a photo so i would actually have proof i met him :P


oh yeah, i would like to change my opinion of going to see DOOM when he came here. At the time I thought it was far too expensive, but now I would kill to see him :bomb:

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is not important spoiler because is not important a life .



avoid meeting a Morten on a forum in the past . (now is a past him love the women, not more my problem )




Since 2005 I have the worst curses of God I lived better before 2005. a boring life but I really lived. I did not destiny. fate is to build destiny and nothing know. need real answers in my life to move forward in my life.

one day I will die with the diseases (because have ) or suicide. (becaude depression) Now I feel like if I did not exist in my life. and people are nasty in my life .

more, I can not change my life in better. God does not give me the one thing love in real life with the man I love in real life. and I no longer believe in no time as it is not real everything is dead .


and more fact bad . the people on the street think I'm rich and want money to me . I am poor and I can not give money because is real (I gave but I'm poor) . when they saw that I'm rich?

only thing I'd rather be on the streets and be with someone who loves me in real life nothing else.

a gypsy's read my hand, saying that I met someone and have kids. in some months. was in 2006. and took me 400 frs. she said I am rich

nothing is normal in my life and nothing become



all people live in normal life then no one gave you curses in real life . we do not crucified . live your life please.

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I wouldn't want to change anything in my life. I’m human, I’ve had bad days before. Everything that has happened to me is what makes me who I am today. I’m thankful for those tough situations I had to deal with, or else I wouldn’t have gained as much strength or growth. I’m not letting anyone or anything to block me from having a great life.

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