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love is so nice


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I always think of that Ring of Fire sauce which is a reference to what the hot sauce does to your anatomy, and has the motto "So hot it'll burn ya twice!".


And also this:




So in my head the phrase was always tainted.

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There are too many things that feel like love but aren't.


It's stupid when people say "you'll know". That's just idiotic. If you knew, you wouldn't worry about the rest of your life and being happy with one person no matter who you are "in love" with. Love and faith are too difficult. Especially when you have to have faith you're in love for the rest of your life, despite how you feel some days. Because even if you are in love, sometimes, you're going to have trouble believing it. Real love is just too complex and difficult to comprehend for us humans a lot of the time, or at least it seems to be that way. Because you can be in love, and a lack of faith that you are in love, or that love exists can ruin that love completely. ALSDIAUW;EORIQWR


But non-partner love, or whatever, as in friendship and family love, those are great. <3

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