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Up In Flames vs Up With the Birds


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Yeah, I like the idea of heavy bass, bring Guy & Jonny out more.. I remember Chris saying that only 2 songs they've ever written started with the bass line, wonder how this one started


High Speed and The Hardest Part?

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Bass-heavy = DO WANT :dazzled:


And if Guy has a solo I will probably scream


Same here, he is long overdue one. They should make an entire album focusing on the bass, might be dificult but would be worth a try to emphasise Guy's importance!

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I'd say Such A Rush and.. I have no idea about the second one.


both high speed and the hardest part start with bass. i went through every song on the four albums lol... not sure if he means starts with bass ONLY or just bass on the first note (along with other instruments/vocals?)

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