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Myloto Xyloto To Have 13 Tracks.


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From the Billboard interview:


But you're only going to put 10 or so on the record, and haven't you recorded like 50?


"No, no. We're going to finish 13. We've started like 490 or something crazy. But it's such a harsh culling process within the group, because it's such a democracy, that a lot of songs don't even make it 'til the end of Thursday."


Also it will be 42.5 minutes long:


Speaking about the musical direction of the record, Buckland says, "I suppose the theme would be letting loose musically; louder drums, louder guitars, more contrast. Then we wanted to go down to the most intimate moments, then back to the biggest we've ever been. We wanted to contain as many interesting ideas as we could fit into 42-and-a-half minutes."


I suppose this could just mean 10 tracks and 3 b-sides though. Although it wouldn't make a difference outside of sequencing as we still get all 13 in the end.


Edit: I got the title of the album wrong in the thread title. Complete fail on my part, hopefully one of the mods will correct it or people will kindly ignore it. :P

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So we know that the following will probably be on the album:


Mylo Xyloto

Hurts Like Heaven

Charlie Brown

Princess of China


Up in Flames

Us Against the World

Major Minus

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall


That leaves four tracks. Three, if they decide to include Moving to Mars.


I predict that they will include Alien Radio and Luminous! :3

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I think they'll release a few songs as B-sides rather than on an EP this time.


From Viva we got 11 songs that didn't make the LP (although you could say that we only got 8 because 3 of them were just different versions of songs already on the LP)


From X&Y we got 7 unreleased songs


From A Rush of Blood we got 7 unreleased songs


So whether we get an EP or not we'll still probably see about 7 songs that didn't make the cut like they've done for the other albums.

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13 songs / 42.5 minutes = roughly 3:17 per song. Hurts Like Heaven is over 4 minutes, Major Minus is 3:30, Charlie Brown is a little over 4 minutes.


Point being, one of those figures is going to be wrong. What could make sense is that they aren't counting the "hidden" tracks in that 42.5 and the album is actually a little over 50 minutes.

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