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I'm getting a motorcycle

Matter-Eater Lad

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They're not expensive used. I have a friend who can hook me up with one for a great price. And I'd save tons on gas.


Plus I could join a motorcycle gang.


Being serious though, a good friend is selling his Mercedes and thinking about next fall biking up the east coast, then finding a way to ship the bike to Europe and biking across it. I'd like to join if possible. Probably won't happen but at least tour the states for a cheap price.

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is it safe?

i mean won't car be safer to drive?


anyways enjoy it if you get a motorcycle, i hope you'll tell us about the experience, and good luck getting to Europe if you do, or is it only your friend?

Cars are boring and this will be better on gass.


It would be the both of us if it ever happens, but probably wont.


it'd probably be less dangerous if you didnt listen to music while you were driving :wacky:


Yeah but way less fun. I can't go without music. And way more safe than carrying a boombox on my shoulder.:thinking:


But fuck being mature. It would be wise to spend that money on an apartment next year and some of it on a vacation in December and buy the bike once my car completely stops working. As much as I want it now, I sadly realized at 4 am this morning it should wait.

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Yeah man,get yourself a motorbike!! They are so much fun,I got my first motorbike 3 years ago,I was like man I should have gotten one ages ago!!


Currently I own a 2005 Yamaha R6 and a 1999 Suzuki Bandit.


What bike are you thinking of getting?

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it's not worth it. it's too dangerous... i've been in a major car accident, and the motorcyclist had the worst injury. he was paralyzed from neck to toe..


If your going to think like that,you won't even be able to get out of bed!


When I go out for a ride,I never think "oh I'm going to have an accident". If you think like that,you probably will.

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Motorcycles are much more fun than driving a car, their way faster,more econonimical, it takes far more skill to ride one competently than to drive a car, to top it off some of them look amazing too, get one, but not one of those lame Harleys, get a Sportbike.

You said it! I love riding my bike, I got a 2000 Suzuki GSF 600 and it's absolutely wonderful to ride it at a sunny day :wacky:

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If I wasn't too short and too small I would love a bike, a black Yamaha R1 would be my ideal one:D.



You wouldn't be able to handle it..:p I've got it's smaller version the R6,which has 134 horsepower. R1,s are around 180,depending on the model.

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