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I can't take this any longer..


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ummm yep! didn't you see some of my posts from last week on the other threads? i couldn't stay away from the board! lmao


i know i've not seen all that i wanted to see and didn't do all that i wanted to do in this first trip to NYC. There's just too many things to do in a few days' time, you see? :-) So I know Imma go back sometime...soon hopefully! :cool:


that reminds me...I at last went up the Empire State Building on the last evening/night of my stay there. I tried to go there Thursday and there were lines snaking thru the entire first and second floors....first to get the tickets and then to pass thru security! i was like....grrrrrrrrrrr at u all visitors!! :P lmao


but Sunday evening was a nice time as most holidayers were already gone and I didn't have to wait much, and once up there, I got to spend an hour-and-a-half just gawking away at everything....and buying a few more mementos at the gift shop they had up there! It was fun!


And there were like 100 Brits up there all at once!...mostly girls....dunno why so many, but it was awesome to hear them all speak with that funny accent! :lol: :D :P :cool: A few of them asked me to take their pics, which, I was happy to oblige! :)

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