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My favorite song on the album

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I thought Charlie Brown would be my favorite on the album, then came this beauty! Wow, I love it!

Also reminds me of Things I Don't Understand but reminds me a lot of one of my favorite Sigur Ros songs, "Inní mér syngur vitleysingur"

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Didn't catch me first listen, but I really like it now.


Yeah, it sounds a lot like Things I Don't Understand. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.


I still wish it had a different title/lyric, but whatever. You can barely hear Chris's voice anyway. :lol:

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It's slowly climbing up my most played list, I've become hooked on this song in the last month or so.


This song + glowbands on the tour would be epic! The heartbeat part at the end would make quite a good lead-in to another song as well, not just Up With the Birds.


I love how A Hopeful Tranmision/DLIBYH/Up With The Birds flow effortlessly. And the urgency of DLIBYH is contrasted nicely by the other two songs :)

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One of my favourites in all time... but

what would be DLIBYH without AHT think about it,

yeah i know, DLITBYH is amazing but when you start listening to a hopefull transmission you start to shake your body and a litltle bit dancing just to keep JUMPING on DLIBYH

AHT/DLIBYH my favourite song on the album

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