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This album is tied with VLV for best album yet for me, because of the suprisingly strong and cohesive narrative they have throughout the album. I do think though that the album is more fully enjoyed when you play it in one go from start to finish. I definately think this was a nice, bold push in their musical vocabulary and some of the songs really stood out from that push. MX/HLH, MMIX/ETIAW, POC, and DLIBYH were among the stand outs from the album. If someone wants me to explain why about any of these songs feel free to say so.

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Guest howyousawtheworld
this thread/title=:lol:


Yay! Let's all laugh at people's right to have an honest opinion. Gonna laugh at the couple of reviews which says it's their best since AROBTTH?


Get real Mike. Your opinion doesn't hold any more water than those who love the album ok.

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