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Queen of China?


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Maybe you should go and look it up on Wikipedia or somewhere.



the British gave independence to America.


Rihanna is the princess ( its origins are African and Irish.)




About 90% of Barbados are descendants of African peoples. The rest of the population came from Europe (mainly Great Britain and Ireland), China, India, United States, Canada.


cool coldplay made video paradise in africa

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Maybe, it is because Queen Elizabeth II's husband is a Prince (a title specially conferred upon him) that Coldplay thinks Kings and Princesses go-together. Oh well, they can be forgiven for misunderstanding the Monarchy, they are from America, which is a republic.
Hahahahahahaha, this made me lol :lol:

Coldplay is not from America.

Also, why do you sound like you are using google translator? :thinking: :P

Because a princess is usually the daughter of the king.
A Princess is usually the daughter of A king or queen. There's several kings in the world, so any could be her father. Why would the king in this story be the father?


I think the system works the same in UK as in the Netherlands. A woman that marries a prince or king, become automatically princess or queen, but a guy that marries a princess or queen is not automatically a prince or king. In the Netherlands we have had for several generations already queens but no kings, they were princes instead. But this doesn't work the other way around! So if the Rihanna person would have married the Chris she would have become automatically the queen.

So ... I guess we shouldn't take the lyrics like that. She's just singing about how she feels the future could be like, and in there she is seeing Chris as being like a king - not really being a king! - and she would have felt like a princess - not be a princess!

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