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Mylo Tour Programme


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could LIALDNTK be something to do with 'love in a lethal dose'? i seem to remember that name being thrown about a while back...




Love In A Lethal Dose = DO WANT. DO WANT BAD.


EDIT: Maybe NTK is a separate song? An outro/intro of sorts (like AHT is to DLIBYH)? Or an alternate name like Don Quixote (Spanish Rain)?

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Alright, I took some admittedly rather dodgy photos. Here's what I was talking about though.


Full Setlist:




Car Kids Symbols:




LIALDNTK (or whatever):




Car Kids in the Setlist:




And the end of setlist changes:




Sorry for the poor photos.


Go to http://photobucket.com/myloxylotourbook to see the whole album of photos I took of the Mylo Xylotour Book.

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OMG they almost played Car Kids, UWTB and MTM at Glastonbury! Damn you Coldplay!!


Edit: AND STRAWBERRY SWING!!! omg and I too think it does say Amsterdam underneath Trouble.


and wtf is L.I.A.L.D.N.T.K.kame?


This would be such a great setlist

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Isn't that just Til Kingdom Come (~T K.Come) after LIALD? :\ In Chris' dodgy handwriting everything is possible though :lol:


yeah after looking at my copy closely, i'd say it's more than likely to be til kingdom come... which might suggest love in a lethal dose has similar chords etc if they were going to join straight onto each other

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