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Chris Martin dissapointed to leave "Moving To Mars" from the album.


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i love ETIAW and UIF and POC. i dont understand why people dont like it?? ETIAW has that AMAZING riff from Jonny! and its has lots of energy! UIF is beautiful! i mean. wow. POC- Chris' voice on that is amazzing! he's singing really low there. but when you play it on speakers, you can really hear him and its like woaaaahh.



I don't like ETIAW cuz it is too poppy and not in a good way, and because it has that sample ...


UIF I find to be one of the most boring Coldplay songs ever, it's just really plain...


And POC, sorry,but I love it. :)




...HOWEVER! there is not ONE song on MX I like more than Moving to Mars. It may be one of my top 5 Coldplay songs ever. I was just blown away when I heard it for the first time. I am a sucker for that spacey kinda music. And to me, MTM just shows wonderful progress, therefore it is a shame it is not on the album.

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Moving to Mars didn't make the cut probably because the songs that are currently in the album fit perfectly as far as the context of the album is concerned more than mtm.




As good as the song is, it does not fit in within the context of the album.

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