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[12-Sep-2012] OlympiaStadion, Munich, Germany

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Once again, i think it has to do with the actual recording mix. They either did not put up enough microphones to record the crowd or mixed the volume down.


The sound from the crowd you hear is probably only recorded by Chris' mic.

And this mic is not meant to record the crowd, but Chris' voice.

You get what I mean? ;-)


I guarantee, in the stadium it all sounds much louder than in this stream.


You're absolutely right! we are all lucky to hear them play live. The tour is almost over, and they will probably lay low for a couple of years working on a new album, and relaxing after a massive success.

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I'm out of the loop... what's the deal here?


Chris has had a new habit for quite a lot of concerts this tour: he says Kesha, the name of Guy's girlfriend, every night at the same moment during VLV, when he comes to see Guy.

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