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I know its expensive, but get your laptop one of [ame=http://www.amazon.co.uk/Belkin-Laptop-Cooling-Capacity-F5L001erBLK/dp/B001HNOLBI/ref=sr_1_3?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1329695946&sr=1-3]these[/ame].

Make sure you have a back up charger too, in case that one breaks. It shouldn't be overheating.

also, back up your laptop, in case it messes up.

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I'm already on my back up charger :uhoh: so that's not good.

Oh I'd much rather pay the €20 or so for that then having my laptop fuck up even more (and then paying €600 for a new one)

I have a large external hard drive somewhere, I'll put my stuff on to that asap.



Thank you for your help :nice:

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EmmaLouiseSmyth, you should probably get a replacement charger and battery. Not only does it sound like your battery is on the verge of death, it sounds like you're charger isn't doing its job either.


All batteries have a life span to them and none last forever, but you can make them last longer if you treat them nice. Real nice. It sounds like you've treated yours like a ho.


It will cost around $150 for both or 10 gold coins or whatever the hell you Irish people use to barter goods with.


But yeah. New battery/charger. Do it.

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>> sounds like a messed up battery to me too, and allowing more cooling space is a good option, so I am told by a computer expert.. they often don't leave enough room between the bottom of a "laptop" and the surface onto which it sits, so they often overheat, and the heat must wear out the batteries sooner too I would imagine. <<

maybe get some bigger computer feet to put onto the bottom too, so it sits higher off the table/surface and can cool better?

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The battery is actually new, well relatively. My last battery one fucked up as well, but compared to this one not as bad at all. Tbh, I would love if this new battery was like my old one -__-

I might just have the old one lying around the place. I could put it back in.



That's what's really pissing me off. It is a new battery and charger, like come on!




And no it isn't a Dell, it's a Compaq. I would say the model but I'm currently in college and not on it.

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Sounds more like the battery than the charger. Could be wrong though.


I'd definately get a usb driven fan cooling base for it though. Worst thing for a laptop is overheating, and a sofa arm or seat is the laptop equivalent of a sauna.

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If my charger falls out the computer dies straight away. Like before I'd have about a half an hour and then it would turn off. That was annoying, but I could live with it.


I knock out my charger so frequently, I won't be able to live like this people!










lol try buying a new one

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:lol: your battery is messed up ahahaha


Usually you can use your laptop w/o the battery so if that was the case, the battery would have a big red "X" but the case if your PC detects the battery but regonizes it's not charging.


Try blowing on the gold pins/strips on the PC and the battery and try plugging it back.

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