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I just don't care anymore...


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I get like that a lot.


Sit down and make a list.

Of all the good things you have waiting for you.

And all the things you might have to look forward to if you ruin the year with procrastination/fear.


You should realise by the end of it, that it is just fear of things going wrong. But with some hard work you will be right back on track.


It always help me. You could then make the pros list all pretty and hang it somewhere in your room for inspiration. I did that the final year of school. I hung mine on my mirror. I would read it every morning before going to classes.

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Maybe it's the most important year of her life so far.


Heh heh, Reilly 1, Brent nil.


Didn't specify



This is the most important year of my life[/size], and I'm completely throwing it away. Help! :(:confused:




Reilly go eat some potatoes or something.

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She doesn't need to, what else can she compare this year to? It's the most important year in her life, right now, as it stands, she would only need to specify if she was including future years.


Reilly 2, Brent nil -chomps raw potato and smiles in epic victory-


I hope topic starter appreciates our help.

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you need to sit and break things down into easier pieces.

Sometimes when you look at things and there's so much to do you sort of loose motivation and just get overwhelmed with things

So ya, what lovebeginswith said. Make lists.

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If you're in high school, it is NOT the most important year of your life. lolololol


ohhh the youth



but wit regards to the post. Sit down when you're not jacked up on caffeine or anything, and ask yourself what you want, what it takes to get there, and then it should be crystal clear what's keeping you from taking appropriate steps to get there.

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Your parents/school/etc. scare you into thinking middle school and high school are the most important years of your life and if you don't do well you'll never get a job. It's really bullshit.

I don't mean to say that you shouldn't work hard at all, but you don't have to feel like a failure if you're a bit behind. Everyone fails. I've failed a million times and people still think I'm gonna be successful!

Someone already mentioned it before, but when I am worried or afraid, I make a list of what's wrong and I often realize that the fear is irrational and there's not really anything to be afraid of.

Then think about what you need to do to get your grades where they need to be. Talk to your teachers after class or if you're too nervous, leave them a note or send them an e-mail. Be persistent. Show them you really care.

And don't wait until the last day of school! I do this all the time and I realize that I had so many opportunities to ask for help but I was too stubborn to ask someone.

You can get through this! Good luck! :hug:

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I have the same. 50 days leave to my exams and i just can't motivate myself. School isn't so important as adults used to say us. Preferably I'd like to go to Africa or somewhere and digg wells for poor people. Maybe I get feeling that I make something meaningful.

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Thanks guys. You're amazing. :hug:


Brent, Reilly, you made me laugh. :P


I made a list this morning, and I think I've got it figured out.

And Brent, to pacify you, this is the most important year of my life. SO FAR. :hat:

I have too many genius friends, which translates into lots of pressure.

One of my friends just got accepted to Harvard, and I'm trying to get into Columbia or NYU. My GPA isn't excellent, which is why I'm worrying. (Average 4.0 weighted, well until my bad grade in pre-calc)

I'll be okay after the stress of getting into college is behind me. :nod:


And I know that high school is a lot less important later in life, but I just don't want everything to snowball because I screwed up HS.

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I'm a pro at college apps, so if you need help, let me know. I also applied to Harvard and NYU for undergrad, and I know all about the admissions process and stuff.


I'm not good at much, but that kind of stuff is something I will say I know about. If you ever need help, let me know.

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Im also a senior in high school and just think spring break is here and summers right around the corner so use that as a little motivation to keep going! but idk what part of the country your in since school gets out at different times. i graduate in mid may

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We get out on June 7th. And I'm a junior

What sucks is that I'm only going to get to study 3 days out of the 11 day break. :P

But I can't complain, because I'm going to have too much fun with the bandies at Disney World. :)

Summer is going to be perfect to catch up with everything! :)

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