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Halo 4 release date confirmed


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I'm biased towards Halo, so I'm definitely going to get Halo 4 day of release. I haven't decided between Call of Duty and Assassins Creed, though I'll probably pick AC 3. I've always wanted a game based on the revolution. As for GTA5, that comes out next year, so I'll have no problem picking that up :)

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I was just raised on Halo. I remember when my older brother brought home Halo, and when he got Halo 2, I spent my entire summer playing it with him and his friends. It was the first console game I ever played, and I can't hate it, despite Reach disappointing me. That being said, I still spent countless hours on Xbox Live with that. It's part of my childhood. Oh and you can't really compare the two. Call of Duty and Halo are different styles.

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Spent all last night playing a system link free-for-all tournament with about 50 guys to try and win a copy of the game... didn't win but I got a really good feel for the multiplayer and gameplay. Loving the new weapons, especially the railgun and lightrifle. The revamped shotgun and BR are phenomenal as well. Currently about 5 missions into the campaign, and it seems pretty solid so far.

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