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Fan Made 'DLIBYH' Music Video

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfgGMtD_KYk]Don't Let it Break Your Heart MUSIC VIDEO - YouTube[/ame]


I just took some clips from their music videos of the past and put them together for a sort of retrospective. I hope you enjoy! I really hope they make a proper video for it.

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Fantastic; the song to me comes at a crucial point in the album that is about redemption and a kind of fearless optimism in life; new beginnings and hope.


The video highlights it in their career; where they came from, what they endured, and ultimately, the risks they took and were reborn. Away with the melancholy and dark and suddenly new colour and life and vibrancy. Away with the more sterile shows and suddenly explosive and confident stadium presence.


Its a great video and you can tell all the care that went into the details (love how it begins with Yellow in the dark and ends with Yellow in the sunrise). I'll be watching it more than once! :)

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Searching for old fan-made AHT/DLIBYH video


Hey does this video start with A Hopeful Transmission accompanied by clips from songs in Mylo Xyloto? One clip I can remember is the elephant from Paradise holding the bars of the cage and sighing.

I'm trying to find a fan-made DLIBYH video that used to be on youtube which I'm guessing has been taken down now.

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Shit, now you've made me curious as well! I really want to re-watch the video the guy posted here in the first post, since I've apparently watched it back then and found it awesome. Problem is, ThePolitik hasn't visited this forum in the past 3 years :sad:


I also did some web digging, but couldn't find the fan video you've been looking for... hopefully it wasn't the one posted in here :dead:

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