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[9-Sep-2012] Coldplay @ Paralympics Closing Ceremony, London, UK (please post your reviews for Wiki,

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Did it ask you to install an app for it to work? It asked me and I'm VERY Leary of anything like that.


The Infinite HD app thing ? Yeah, I don't know about that either....but it's an official website, not a random streaming website, so it can't be that bad....

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Kris Woodhams ‏@Kristian__W

@Coeurli @coldplaying The pre-show starts at 7:30 and the ceremony starts at 8:30 #coldplay #2012Paralympics




This is why the tv channels seem to have a delay: they only show the ceremony, not the pre-show.



So, coldplay.com have wrong information?

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So, Coldplay on the Pre-Show.




No, Coldplay won't be the pre-show, they'll be the show, as Veronique said :) But they're not gonna say on the website: WHO CARES ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THE PRE-SHOW, JUST WATCH US WE'RE THE ONLY INTERESTING THING THAT WILL HAPPEN TONIGHT, SO TUNE IN AT 8.30 WHEN THE REAL STUFF BEGINS

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