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[9-Sep-2012] Coldplay @ Paralympics Closing Ceremony, London, UK (please post your reviews for Wiki,

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ETIAW is such an "Olympic" song, and, imo, suits very well the spirit they may want to bring to the ceremony, so I really hope they'll play it!!


In any case, I am very looking forward to tomorrow night!

Me too! I'm quite excited about this! :dance:

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really excited for the boys its gonna be EPIC! still bothered about rihanna but i guess if thats what makes them happy then so be it.

^ :angry: hmpff stupid journalists, they only know Chris :whip:

daily mail is the worst tabloid out there. truly awful. not that any of the others are better though along with their readers!

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Unusual setlist? Seasons of the year? :thinking: Does that mean they will play 4 songs, each representing a season? Maybe Charlie Brown for summer, Violet Hill for winter... can't really think of songs for spring and autumn :thinking:

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