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The Coldplaying Scrapbook III


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Coldplaying Scrapbook Project III


The idea is that we all make a creative entry in a sketchbook that will be sent around. This is not a new project (as you can by the III behind it :P),

read these threads if you want to see how it took shape and how it went. In there you can also see scans of pages that people made.

Each person can use two sides of a page in what way they want. If you want to join this project, send Diana (DiOli05) a Private Message (PM) and she will add you to the list.


A map on the first pages will show where everyone comes from. The book will also contain a list with name, username, country and the pages with your entry. If you got nice stamps with the package, you can add them as well.

Of course you don’t have to reveal your real name or country if you don’t want to. If you feel like decorating the cover to make it a bit more coldplay related/ prettier, feel free to do so.


Don’t forget to take a picture or scan the pages that you made so we can all see what you contributed. It will be posted in this post as well :)



List of People taking part

(If you want to be taken out of the list PM me)

More or less in order of where the book is going, purple names mark people that have received the address of the next person


Wyrd, Mrk, ColdplayOlivia, Nattatouille, Twisted mind

86Timewarp, MaxRide, phantoneku, DiOli05, Coldplay

jeremyy, Alien Radio, Poky, The Doctor, Milla, Coeurli

Viva La Coldplay, Chloe_Martin, Cobalt

Alice42 (Europe)

Coldplay Respect!

adaninurimanina (Asia)

omdfkbr (Asia)


A_Cartoon_Heart (USA)


Pictures of the pages!
























Twisted Mind





















img005.jpg Inspired by the lost balloons in the Coldplay concert :)








Top Floor


Middle Floor


Ground Floor








Alien Radio










The Doctor














and inside the booklet:







Viva La Coldplay













And now for the guidelines, which I hope everyone will read completely and try to follow

If there’s anything not completely clear, feel free to contact me or just ask in the thread!


When you receive the scrapbook, just tell us on here that you got it. Then you have 1 week to fill the two pages and send it to the next person. If you can’t manage in a week, we’d like to hear it before you receive the book and you can use another week. If you are very busy around the time that you are supposed to receive the book, let’s say that you are about to get married or to deliver a baby, well, then let us know in advance so we can switch your place on the list with someone below you on the list. So if you think you cannot make it within two weeks, then let your turn go by! I can add you a bit lower in the list so you can get the scrapbook when you are less busy. This way the scrapbook doesn’t take too long to get from person to person.


People are free to decorate the pages the way they want to. It does not have to be Coldplay related. I would also kindly like to ask you to leave your Coldplay limerence out of it. So no drooling over the Coldplay boys that would offend people. Minor people might receive the book, so please leave out things that you think would not be appropriate for their viewing. I leave it to your common sense what that entails.


As you can see this is already attempt number III. The other two books got lost in the mail. To prevent this from happening again, I would like to ask people to double check the address they send it to. If you can afford it, I’d also like you to rather take the safe option than the cheap/fast option. If you don’t find it too much trouble, try to send it with ‘tracking’. This means that you can always track where your package is and usually get a refund if they lose it (although that would a pity, because no money in the world can of course replace the sentimental value of these great scrapbooks). Also write your (mail) address on the back of the envelope/package so that if the book gets lost in the mail they can contact you. Be aware that despite all these measurements, the book can still get lost. It doesn’t have to be your fault or ours. We won’t get mad at you. But if the book gets lost and you don’t say anything about it out of shame, or you don’t get us updated when we think the scrapbook is lost because you’re too lazy to care about this, then you will have to endure my wrath :evil: I will bother you with PMs and e-mails to remind you how much we are still caring about this project and that we want to know what happened with the book.


Beside username I would like to get everyone’s personal e-mail address as well (preferably the one you check most). I promise I won’t abuse having people’s mail by sending junk etc. It is only to contact you in case you have not visited the coldplaying forum for a while and not replied to Private Messages (PM) on here, while still having a hold on the scrapbook. So only if you are naughty enough to keep the book and not let us know anything about a delay or something, only then I will use your personal e-mail address. (To send you an e-mail, NOT to send your address to a spam agency, hahaha!)

Please keep in mind that we'd like to know how the scrapbook is doing, so when it is your turn, please keep us updated regularly.


Please keep to the guidelines and respect the people that already put so much effort in this project and the people that still wait for the scrapbook to visit them.


:nice: Thank you! :nice:

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It's not a dumb question.


I will not ask editor42 for the addresses and I don't think she would just give them to me, because they were gathered by her in confidence (you cannot just spread personal info of people to strangeers on the net, hahaha!). Also some people might have a new address.


So the best thing is to send the address again to me in a PM. In due time I will hand it over to the person next in line. For now it would be nice to get at least already jeremyy's address (I already got Mark's).



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Okay, you'll be added as well!


btw, I assume you want to make an as well, Billy? If you like you may also make a virtual map on which we can point where the people come from that made an entry. So each time another location will be added to it. Then I can update a map each time in my first post :)


What do you think?

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I'd like to take you up on that offer :wacko:


Wait when you say "make an as well," what are you referring too :laugh3:


Also someone should add on the cover: If found please go to Coldplaying.com/blahblahblah lmao, or we can ask Ian if he could make a part of the website dedicated to the scrapbook so we could just keep it simply as /scrapbook :uhoh:

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Wait when you say "make an as well," what are you referring too :laugh3:


Also someone should add on the cover: If found please go to Coldplaying.com/blahblahblah lmao, or we can ask Ian if he could make a part of the website dedicated to the scrapbook so we could just keep it simply as /scrapbook :uhoh:

Oh sorry! Ahahahaha, the word "entry" fell out. I wanted to ask if you meant making an entry as well.


About writing it on the cover... I can do that as well, but I think it is more helpful then to have it written on the envelope as well, because they have to open it before they will find the thing written on it/in it.


Mrk, I made the map and list for people and I started my own entry so I wanted to finish it today when I come back from work and send it tomorrow. Then you should receive it at least a week before July. Is that okay?

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