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The Coldplaying Scrapbook III


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The book arrived today! :bliss:


It's huge! I expected it to be something pretty small but no, it's big and impressive and full of colors and stickers and photographs, no wonder everybody wants to keep it.

I've already got some ideas of what to fill it with. I have several papers that I really need to turn in for school, which means I will be really productive with this scrapbook hahaha, don't worry :kiss:

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Alright, today's the day I plan to finish working on it and it'll depart. I really planned for it to be out by Saturday but I was so sick I could barely breathe properly (well, I still have an crappy cough but at least I'm not sick anymore) and I didn't want the pages to be covered in germ-infested mucus (and also I put off working on it for a bit :disappointed: clearly) so there you are

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Hi guys, I went to the post on Tuesday, the 20th. I'm sorry I didn't make a post on it. It was in the afternoon so I'm pretty sure it shipped on the 21st or something


I live in Los Angeles :smiley:


okay then, probably i'll get it end of the next week :thinking:

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No prob.


Cool! So one of these days Scrappy finds his way back to Europe! :D


Did you make scans/pictures of the pages or should jeremyy do that?

I took pictures but I thought I'd leave the next person to be surprised. I worked a bit on it and added some things that other people haven't before :wacko:. But if you want, I'll put up the pictures right now!


EDIT: Oh crap crap crap :bigcry:

I've just had it returned to me. I'm not sure why, I'll ask my mom and maybe the post office when I go back there again.

I'll take care of it first thing tomorrow, and I'll put the fastest shipping possible, no matter how much it costs... :disappointed:


And after whining a bit about how people forget about the book and don't send it in, I do something this irresponsible. I guess that's karma


jeremyy, I'm sorry! Is it okay if it's there in 3-5 days (I think that's how fast the best shipping is)? If my mom won't let me spend that, then I think in a week or two


I'm really sorry for being dumb and irresponsible and kfjkdjl;. At least it's fine, it didn't get lost or anything.

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Aw Dee, you can't help it that the post office returned it. It's good of you to keep us informed. For me it's way easier to deal with any delay this way. and since you are sending it all the way to Europe I really wouldn't mind if it took longer because you didn't spend a fortune on shipping costs.

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