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The Coldplaying Scrapbook III


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By the way, Paradise117 hasn't replied at all, so I am going to skip her place in the list. I imagine she has forgotten about the project and I won't let Scrappy go to some place where they are not waiting to give her a warm welcome :angry:

So the scrapbook can go straight to Coldplay :awesome: (and with that I mean of course Dee)

I hope Diana you don't mind sending it all the way to the East coast?

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I have not looked at it in detail completely, but it is lovely to see what you guys have done to it! Now, here it is!


Phantoneku's pages:















JK! I just got it, there is nothing there!




Except the note phantoneku put there, and since it made me happy, i put it here :)



That note :laugh3: Chris Martin can buy me ice cream if he wants ;)

I :heart: ice cream

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You would not have a clue of all i had to do to be able to put the second photo in!


But managed to do it!


EDIT: After review, I realized images are a bit large, so you are warned!



img005.jpg Inspired by the lost balloons in the Coldplay concert :)






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Well, I asked for this one if everyone of the previous attempts wanted to sign up again because many of the previous collaborators do not want to try again. So if you want to be part of it, sure, I'll add you to the list in the first post! :)


Just let me know by PM or in this thread if you want to be on the list again.

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