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Help a Coldplay fan out! (all links in the first post)


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Please help me out with this - I could meet Coldplay!!!


Hey fellow Coldplayers! I've entered a contest in which the person with the most clicks on their link gets 2nd row seats to a Coldplay show AND gets to meet the band! It would pretty much make my life if I could meet the guys! Please help me out by clicking the link--that's all you have to do!




Thanks so much! :)



If everyone who views this post would click the link, I would win for sure! Please take a second to click! No registration required! 1 click = 1 vote! Thank you!

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I'm so stoked on this, you guys are making a huge impact! I can't think of anywhere else I can reach people other than Facebook and twitter. Any ideas?


I don't know another place for sharing the link, but I'm clicking whenever I can. You can count on my clicks. ;)

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