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Help a Coldplay fan out! (all links in the first post)


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My local radio station is holding a contest for Coldplay tickets and to win, the person has to have the most clicks on their link. All you have to do is click the link & it counts tallys up! You can reclick every 15 minutes. If you have a spare moment & wouldnt mind helping out a fellow fan. Ive never seen Coldplay before so I really hope I win so I can finally see one of my favorite bands!



Brendon :)




Radio 104.5 competition



As there are now 7 entrants on the boards, the threads have been merged. The 7 are:


Brendon830 & JimmyD - http://www.radio1045.com/common/shareme3/index.php?linkid=386


sk8rgrl1056 - http://www.radio1045.com/common/shareme3/index.php?linkid=322


technicolor_birds1935 - http://www.radio1045.com/common/shareme3/index.php?linkid=844


In a telescope lens - http://www.radio1045.com/common/shareme3/index.php?linkid=952


Monkeeypantz - http://www.radio1045.com/common/shareme3/index.php?linkid=998


SwallowedInTheKee - http://www.radio1045.com/common/shareme3/index.php?linkid=1096


MXColdplayObsessed - http://www.radio1045.com/common/shareme3/index.php?linkid=



And we have an new contestant!


stephanie.dimeglio12 - http://www.radio1045.com/common/shar...php?linkid=811






tbett56 - http://www.radio1045.com/common/shareme3/index.php?linkid=447




#10 and #11


kateydid76 - http://www.radio1045.com/common/shar...php?linkid=864


jchoate10 - http://www.radio1045.com/common/shar....php?linkid=53






Doobieli - http://www.radio1045.com/common/shareme3/index.php?linkid=1274




Q102 competition


sk8rgrl1056 & Brendon830 - http://www.q102.com/common/shareme4/index.php?linkid=194

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