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I'd like to point out what I think is the toughest part of the bracket for us. If you look at the bottom right on the picture (on page 1 of this thread), you can see..


Charlie Brown v. Politik

Paradise v. Lovers in Japan

Clocks vs. A Rush of Blood to the Head

Glass of Water v. Life in Technicolor

Fix You v. X&Y

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Right - I simply cannot decide between 42 and Yes- two of my favourite ones. So I'll wait for a while. We need some more players here!


Yes we do, so invite others to come play, because then it will represent the average opinion of coldplayers rather than a few of us.

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^ It should have been


42 20

Yes 0


Lisset didn't subtract from Yes.


Ok so..after the next two rounds we will start to do 2 matches at a time, to make this go quicker. Alright with everybody?


42 is the winner!!


Next Match:

Spies 10

A Spell A Rebel Yell 10




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