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since Hannah asked for me, heres the bidet we have in our flat , after ur done doing ur business in the toilet, you get up, sit there, open the water faucet, splash it in the private parts, use intima

Bidet would be good at the moment. 

Informative as ever. Also I remember your bidet 😍  

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I've no idea of the etiquette. You should teach us. Textually of course. And you don't have to be graphic.


Do you use it as well as toilet roll (I presume so), or instead of? And if as well as, like, do you use it every time? Or is it say something you use once every few days or every week to erm, keep on top of things? I hate asking these questions. I'm not really a toilet person. I don't go to the toilet.

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In Italy we use it to clean ourselves when we poop and sometime we use it to clean our feets because it's really comfortable for that, your back doesn't hurt so much


So if you poop everyday you use it everyday, if you poop once at week you use it once a week


We have two bathrooms in our home so we have two bidets, here's the one from the little bathroom, the one that I use every day:




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Well Reilly asks this from the chatting rectangle: is it not gross putting your foot on a spot that people wash the shit out of their anus with?


I also wanted to ask if it's used as well as toilet paper or on its own?


And also, how often does the bidet get cleaned? And do you clean it with that bucket?

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