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Prince Myshkin buys your love (with pizza or something else)

Prince Myshkin

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OK, so I have decided that every payday (monthly) I will buy a pizza for a lucky Coldplayer. Preferably I will use Just Eat, an online takeaway website that allows you to order and arrange delivery online. I can pay online and get it delivered to an address of your choice. The website is active in UK, US, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, France, Italy, India, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil and Canada.


I realise that this raises a few issues. Firstly people who aren't from those countries. Secondly, some people don't like pizza. Thirdly, people don't like giving their addresses online. These things considered, I am willing to transfer the money to them via paypal BUT I would like them to post a picture of themselves with their pizza. I am also willing for them to buy something else food related with the money. And if you are not interested in take away food of some form then the alternative is a book of MY choice. I think you can arrange such a thing where somebody buys something on your amazon wish list or something like that? Somebody please help me out on that. If so, I will tell you what book to put on there. Or if you wish i can just order it for you if you give me your address.


My next payday is at the end of this month, under two weeks time. To stand a chance of getting the pizza (or whatever), you must post in this thread saying that you would like to be considered. The winner will be decided at random through an online randomiser. This can also be sorted by a neutral party, if that's what people want, or you can trust me. Once you have won you can no longer enter again, I am afraid. In fact, the most recent winner has to be in charge of the next months randomiser.


Any prize will be of maximum value of £10 (please google equivalents) unless under exceptional circumstances.






So to summarise:


  • You enter by saying you would like to be included in the draw, in this thread
  • I'd preferably have the prize as a pizza
  • I'd preferably use Just Eat so that I'm not just flinging random money into the internet
  • If not I can transfer the money on paypal
  • The person must post a picture of themselves with the prize (ESPECIALLY if I haven't personally ordered it myself, as proof you didn't just take the money and run!)
  • If it is not food related then it will be a book of my choice
  • The prize will have a maximum value of £10
















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