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How often do you make a back-up?

Black Rose

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Imagine this:


You go to turn your computer on and nothing happens, the hard drive has given up the ghost, pictures, documents, videos, music, all lost.


Something silly happens and you get attacked by the Cryptolocker virus which encrypts your computer files and demands money to be released?


So how often do you backup your computer?

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I lost ALL my stuff two weeks ago when my hard drive on my laptop died. Fortunately I am married to a geek and he managed to get all my stuff off the fried hard drive. My laptop still needed a new hard drive. But I can now re-install it all, thanks to him. I have hundreds of photos and lots of downloaded videos.. it would have been tragic.


I have an external hard drive that I back up infrequently on. Two days before my hard drive died, In a fit of brilliance I wiped the external drive, ready to back up again.. :embarrassed:

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