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Prince Myshkin

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Stick them in another section then. They annoy me and make me think something of actual consequence has possibly happened on the board, only to see it's a post up there. They are simply an excuse to bump up the post count without adding anything to the board.


Kill it.


They are in a separate section, I don't see why it bothers you so much.

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Hey, could you make a poll? That'd be easier to see people's opinion on that

Don't worry, it's not really going to happen. People rely on them for their post counts too much. A poll isn't required.

They are in a separate section, I don't see why it bothers you so much.


I mean a section which doesn't show that something has been posted in the Lounge when you are looking at the board from the General Discussion section, meaning you have to go in to see that it hasn't actually happened in the Lounge, it has happened in what should be the Coldplaying Games Section.


It doesn't bother me amazingly. I've not mentioned it like this since I've arrived and it's always baffled me. I've attempted a couple of times to contribute there but it's largely pointless.


I'd just like it to have it's own section, totally separated from the Lounge itself. I know it won't happen but it doesn't hurt for me to make the suggestion then get it knocked back.

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I think I initially suggested the split of Coldplay Games and Lounge Games because they used to ALL be in the same section. That was horrendous.


Maybe make them not affect your postcount would be a good compromise?


That does indeed sound horrendous. Nah, I think it's fine for it to affect your post count, it's just a bit of a crappy way of getting them imo. I mean, I wanted the chatbox to affect the post count, simply because at one point it was where the main discussion was taking place. But then that was because it was a worthwhile and interesting part of the board, rather than being superfluous.

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