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I'm quite angry that Jonny's guitar parts are 0% present on the album version. :( :( :(



It doesn't fit as a whole album. But as a single track/live performance Jonny's guitar is a must!


But it takes time for me to understand that after a gazilion times of hearing Ghost Stories back-to-back. Pretty much Chris's voice was intended to be gritty and there's no need for guitar playing moments, just a wet-styled and a simple acoustic playing song would suffice.

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Guest kmm1482

The NBC Coldplay concert version of Oceans just NEEDS to be the official video if it ever becomes a single



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They will never reach Coldplays level.

I like Coldplay more, but Coldplay wouldn't exist without Radiohead. Coldplay just take what radiohead have done and make it better. (To my liking)

Radiohead are obviously more talented and musically intelligent.

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when i listen this song, come to my mind songs like: Careful where you stand, For You, I Bloom Blaum, Spies, We never change and many song of that time. And also, i think sounds like "Go Slowly" by Radiohead.

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In this album, this was the last song of the album, who he crying for his ending of his relationship with Gwyneth. Sad, painful and also you hear a crack of Chris, because he crying almost in all the song, because this song was too much in the emotional. His voice cracking in somes songs of the album (like Ink and True Love), but it's was the most visible in the album. Before the two next songs, who, while the first seven songs, he crying and Chris was so painful for the ending of his couple in Gwyneth in the tracks (1-7), the three last songs (A Sky Full of Stars, Fly On and O) was three songs of resilience but also emotional. A Sky Full of Stars (The most up-tempo song of the album) was was a resilient song who after a hard time of his life, he finally begin the light of the tunnel and Fly On was a song of resilience who for in this song, he was time to turning the page and starting to have the best thing for his life with his two kids. O was a song of love who he invited his two childrens (in two versions) to sing in theses two tracks and give his chance to amusing with thier father.

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