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[2nd July 14] Meet Up thread for Royal Albert Hall, London

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from what i've gathered this far, this is where we'll be sitting at this show. some people wasn't very specific so i just marked the whole areas :)


Green – Linus

Red – cheetaz

Yellow – maeli

Blue – theprospekt

Black – nev72

Brown – The Master


Somewhere in…

Red circle – AroBttH14

Green circle – Adam94

Yellow circle – grids

Grey circle – arschpoeler

Red stripe – johnpham2014


Never mind the white circle…



Thanks for mentioning that, Linus ;)


I will be sitting in stalls, dont know specifically which ones, the picture is too small I hardly see it. And I will be watching on the 1st not the 2nd. :) But if anyone who would like to meet up on the 1st beforehand, I'm down for it ;)

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Not available at all I'm afraid. Going out for dinner with my Dad. I'll be outside the venue at around 6:00PM. If there's a meetup at the venue then I'm in. Similarly, if anyone in the circle wants to have a chat in between Alunageorge and Coldplay then let me know.

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Girlfriend got sick and couldn't come so I'm available all Tuesday and all Wednesday. Also have a spare ticket Stalls M row 5 if anyone wants that. Wouldn't mind an exchange for a seat on the 1st aswell :)


Plus now I.need some company as I'm all by myself both days...

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