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Happy 13th Birthday A RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD

I ran away

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Even if it comes a day belated - Happy 13th Birthday, A Rush of Blood To The Head ! Coldplay's best album in the view of many people, and also best album ever according to a British poll.

I actually meant to post it yesterday on August 12th, but completely forgot - sorry, blame it all upon a rush of blood to the head. ;)



And not to forget some of the great B-Sides this Era spawned, like: Crests of Waves, Animals, I ran away, One I Love, I Bloom Blaum...

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Guest diogo_sg

My grandma's b-day was also yesterday!! Lucky grandma!! [emoji70] Why won't Coldplay release an album (or anything) on my b-day?! [emoji39]


Btw, I played some Coldplay songs to my grandma and she loved them!! She said the songs were beautiful (I translated the lyrics to her) and Chris had a beautiful voice! Awwww, Granny! [emoji7] [emoji7] [emoji7]


"I live to see the world"

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A Rush of Blood to the Head is a true masterpiece. It is timeless and rightfully deserves its status as probably the most liked album Coldplay have released. When someone asks me to recommend albums it is the first one that I mention. While it might or might not be Coldplay's creative peak, it is their best-known work and will be remembered for decades to come.

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A poll would be nice, yeah :)

Yes, a true masterpiece. While Coldplay may have many faces, it can be said of A Rush of Blood to the Head that it is Coldplay. In a way, it represents all that Coldplay has become known for, even if the subsequent sound may have diverted from it.

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DAMN you I wanted to start this thread!


My obsession with the band began when this album was released and what an epic roller-coaster ride it's been. I still retain that AROBTTH is their best album to date and one of the greatest albums of all time. I've lived and breathed this album for so long it's become my life's soundtrack.


I think a large number of people fail to understand the attachment that many people feel to the Coldplay of this era which somewhat explains the DEtachment one experiences with their output for the past 8 years.

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