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Could you post a link to the Liquid Ambience thing? I have no idea what that is :embarrassed:


Hmm diogo_sg hasn't voted but he has posted on this thread...


If you're reading this @diogo_sg plz do so, so I can get my new vote in faster. :D

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@arushofjacktothehead' date=' can you perhaps adjust the rules to the low number of participants and allow people to give a second vote after 2 more votes from other people ?[/quote']


Personally I think 2 would be way too low...


I think 4 would be a suitable number, maybe 3.


I'm sad of waiting for someone to stumble upon this thread to vote. The game isn't moving very quickly...


But I do support the change.

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Right then folks I'm back:D


Yes 3 would be ok with me.:PAre we going to do more voting now then?:)


(BTW cheers I ran away and cp for the rule change);)


Thank you so much!!! :D


You're awesome for making these rule change :)

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So @arushofjacktothehead the rules are changed to 3 people now right? If so then since @42Escapist, @I ran away and @AMDB9 voted I suppose I can vote now? :D If so, here are my picks:


Viva la Vida - 12 points


Amsterdam - 10 points


AROBTTH - 8 points


If not, than ignore this post:P

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Wow... it's my turn again in one day! :D


Our rule changes finally made this game a bit intense for once... this is how the game was meant to be played! :D


Viva la Vida - 12 points


A Ghost - 10 points


U.F.O - 8 points



By the way, here's the current tally right now:


1. Viva la Vida - 36 points (all because of me:D)

2. Warning Sign - 30 points

3. White Shadows - 24 points


If anyone is interested in seeing the full scoreboard, let me know! :P

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