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I Ran Away - 12


Viva - 8


Yessss thank you so much for supporting Viva. :D It needs some more support other than me after multiple people vote for AROBTTH. :P (Not saying AROBTTH is a bad song. In fact, it's one of Coldplay's best. :P)

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I love Viva too' date=' but there are so many underrated songs here that I wanted to give votes to and you only have 3 every time... :)[/quote']


I sooo completely agree.... there are just so too many gems to pick from on this list that are so underrated... Coldplay's made sooooo much gems it's really crazy and amazing to think of how they ever did that...


But since Viva is my favorite song on this list I keep adding votes to it :P

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I think I'll help out Viva La Vida. It deserves some love. :)


Speed of Sound - 12 points

Viva La Vida - 10 points

Midnight - 8 points


Looks like you saw my post in the chatbox:P


Also, thank you so much for helping Viva!! Originally it was only because of me that Viva was getting boosted up to first... thanks for helping! :D



With that, I believe it is now my turn to vote again:D


Here are my picks:


Viva la Vida - 12 points


Up With The Birds - 10 points


Careful Where You Stand - 8 points



If anyone wants to know the tally at this point:


1. Viva la Vida - 90 points (first to hit the 90 mark! :D)


2. AROBTTH - 84 points (a very well deserved position, it's a gorgeous song)


3. Warning Sign & I Ran Away - 54 points (both are beautiful songs and deserve the 3rd spot for sure!:D)

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