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Will there be a live CD/DVD fot the A Head Full Of Dreams Tour?


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Hi Coldplayers,


I was wondering if you could answer a few questions with regards to a Live CD/DVD for the A Head Full Of Dreams Tour


And these are:


1. Will there be a live CD/DVD for this tour?


2. When will it be released if there is one?


Please let me know asap





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I have no idea but Marcus Haney has been shooting a lot of pics and shot a vid which we have have not seen yet on this tour, who knows what they will do with them. This is just my opinion but I am thinking the band will do something grand with some sort of media, movie, book, dvd etc. with Chris saying that this last album is the completion of something, I am para phrasing so do not nail me to the wall. #DISCLAIMER

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Zoe28 posted this in another thread. Warner Music Japan uploaded it yesterday:


Google Translate does a poor job of translating the video's description (which is in Japanese), but the gist of it is that the Barcelona concerts were filmed for a special on a network called "Space Shower TV." Could this be the basis for a live DVD?

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Remember that for mx tour they chose the amazing stade de france as the main stage for the movie and the mayority of the songs were filmed there. They haven't played on stade de france yet on this tour but they will at this 2017. But I don't think they chose the same stadium in case of shooting a movie again.

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