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Don't Let It Break Your Heart!

Little Miss Coldplay

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Thank you. I've tried therapy and meditation with varying levels of success. Mostly it's me. I don't stick with it.


Yesterday was a rock bottom day. One of a few I've had in my life. Something happened which was a decent problem in the build up of problems and I blew my fuse. It's hard when you are anxious and overblown but also justified that a behavior is not acceptable.


Also, I'm tired of apologizing for who I am. I will work to be better but the other side must too.


Then it was good for a day. Then another fight.


I hate it.

Don't be too hard on yourself. One thing I learnt in therapy (and which I still find hard to accept, but one has to) is that just because you may "explode" sometimes and don't, by your own standards, live up to your best behaviour, that doesn't make you a bad person.

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