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[2016-11-14] Coldplay, Live Recording Session For Spotify

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these are really good versions. love aoal and yellow! man, yellow can still take your breath away with different arrangements after all this time!

That proves how great the song is. I remember reading that when a song can be played acoustically it's the sign that it's a great one.

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My two cents, which may or may not matter to you at all :)


1. Everglow--A nice version, but nothing here is much different from the studio version in the end. This track has so many versions now that I am pretty satisfied with it.

2. Viva--I am glad this finally got put to recording. The piano/guitar combo really matches the Viva era well. I am not particularly fond of Will's percussion choice here. He would have sounded much better used on acoustic guitar, but that is a minor complaint.

3. AOAL--Not sure why this song would ever need an acoustic version... it just doesn't sound any different in this style than the studio version save the drums. AOAL is groovy but doesn't really carry itself all the way into a 4 minute song, the beat just isn't dynamic enough.

4. Yellow- No complaints. I love the way Chris starts with piano and how Jonny's guitar has a ton of room to shine. Great version, but I still prefer their 2011 Live Acoustic Version which is more atmopsheric, and where Will can come in on acoustic guitar though.

5. Christmas Lights-- Quite lovely and fitting. Suits this EP well!


As a die-hard fan, this EP is just okay to me. None of the versions are drastically different enough for me to be like "whoa! I need this in my collection." The song choice is very safe for casual fans and none of the songs are even all that "acoustic." I am still hoping Spotify will release acoustic guitar versions of ASFOS and HFTW in the near future since those were performed during this set. Their studio versions were so bombastically produced that a stripped/raw versions would be very desirable.

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This is my recording of the Spotify session, :




Recording process :

Spotify Premium 320Kbit/s quality > iPhone plugged with USB Cable on MacbookPro (digital recording directly from the app) > recording of the whole EP with QuickTime Player, AIFF-C PCM 16bits (21min09sec) > edit/split made with iTunes > conversion in iTunes Plus file (AAC 256Kbit/s (VBR) .M4A)


There is no blank between tracks ;)


Have yourself a merry Christmas!


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