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[2016-11-14] Coldplay, Live Recording Session For Spotify

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Okay...glad this was released...but the only two songs I was anxious to hear acoustic were ASFOS and HFTW because the recent performances of those acoustic were amazing...and both of them didn't make this EP despite being performed at the London show. Super disappointed.

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These songs were great! Heartfelt, stripped down, but big nonetheless. Will's voice is amazing and much appreciated. And it indeed sounds like Will was playing acoustic guitar for just the end of the first half of Christmas Lights, which is different than usual. :)I would love to hear the other songs though, esp Violet Hill where there are not a lot of acoustic performances of that song.

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I don't know why I totally thought I could buy this on iTunes :laugh2: my mind hasn't been working properly today. I saw the tweet earlier and when I was driving home I thought 'oh I'll buy this Spotify session later on iTunes' haha


I love Viva in this. I wish we got the entire set though.

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Just listened to the first three songs.

I have to say I was never a fan of acoustic versions of VLV that do not include strings - for me this song just lives on its string arrangement and is just not the same without it. But refreshing to hear different versions of songs like AOAL (although I find the "beat drop" in it to sound a bit awkward :D)


Will listen to Yellow and CL later :)

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Think I've managed to make a download for it. first time trying something like this so probably not perfect and someone could do a better job but for now it may be worth a try. https://app.box.com/s/2kufo1lq2ngx72hhqwyhldrcxm0vpn2b
^ Thank you! I was listening on Spotify but I don't generally use it, it's nice to be able to actually add it to the collection!
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