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Most Likely to Scare Coldplay and Stephen into an Early Retirement 2016


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:eek::laughing::joy: Had a serious 'laugh out loud' moment guys! This cheered me right up! Thanks for the award...I guess?! I think you should know in real life too people call me Mr. grumpy :innocent:. I would also like to say although I'm very critical of the band I would never want them to actually stop making music. Maybe a long hiatus is in order, but I still love the four of them to no ends and would love to see them continue making music for a long time.


I should also thank Stephen who at such a young age has decided to dedicate his time and effort to this amazing community so many of us call home. The likes of Batman and all other moderators have also done a tremendous job over these years to not only bring a sense of unison and togetherness to this place but also to make sure the forums are always technically sound and smoothly run. Long may it continue. :heart:

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