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Coldplay Release Companion App for Hypnotised


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But is was announced on the screens? Strange.

Well, it said, open the app when the song Hypnotised is played. Didn't say it would be played that day. Maybe what they meant to say is: "Open the app when we play it in 2019." :p As it wasn't on the setlist I guess it wasn't meant to be played. Maybe they're still figuring it out. I'm sure it will be added at some point.

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I guess most of the more casual fans aren't really that aware of the song yet and it's mostly us hardcore fans analysing and noticing. Sure, I would have loved to hear it, but I had a fabulous time nevertheless (with the good ol' setlist - at least you always know what you're getting, lol). Now that they made the app official news, they probably added it to the screens. Was probably not really aligned yet with what they would play. Don't think band & crew were trying to be intentionally mean, but if so, I welcome this meanness as an unexpected visitor. :rolleyes:

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The speakers works as a receiver inside the Xylobands!


Also, in Android, the app doesn't require any permission to use the microphone, that means the app does not listen to the environment around the phone... So I guess you'll have to tap randomly when the song is played live since the app doesn't use any microphone on the device.!

I noticed that too

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So I opened the app with the song playing and nothing seems to be happening?


What am I suppose to be looking out for when the song plays? Lol.


after you tap past the opening screen, there's just music notes that play along with circles on the screen. it doesn't necessarily sync with the song on it's own - by default the app will play with the Flower of Life appearing in various vertical locations but always centered horizontally. you can tap anywhere on the screen to make a single circle appear and note play. the circle scales up and fades out as the note plays (same with the Flower of Life symbols). each tap will repeat the circle and note 5 times before disappearing completely.

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