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Nine Inch Nails


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I know, since this is a Coldplay board, I probably won't get a lot of people talking here.


But any fans of Nine Inch Nails? they are my new favorite band. Somewhat Damaged is an amazing tune. The layers keep on building and building in that song. I love it.

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La Mer is one of the only songs i've actually listened to by them.., and it's lovely...lots of clashing notes which shouldn't go together, but somehow do. The Song reminds me of my 2nd year of college.(incase ANYONE wanted to know :/ )

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anyone like them?

i just got their last album, its pretty good..especially this song 'right where it belongs' i cant stop listening to it..

its a sad tune ..you could say its a good match for 'hurt'


Im probably gonna be the only one replying this thread but hey

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Yea, new album is still growing on me. Was hoping for some of the rawness and flow from pretty hate or broken.


Seems bands make their best music in the latter part of their teen angst or drug induced hazes. That said, NIN is will always bel one of my fav's. Can't wait to see them again.

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