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Terrorists attacks in Madrid


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I know you've heard it in the news but I think it deserves a thread.

The country is shocked. There gonna be massive manifestations in lots of cities.

Theatres and cinemas are closed today and the shops are gonna close at 6 pm to let everyone going to the manifestations.

It was a break today at noon for 15 minutes. The country stopped at the same time, everyone praying and thinking in the victims


I'm still shocked watching the images in tv. I feel sensitive and I can't stand cry often.

My thoughts are with all the families and victims.

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Definitely, the country is in mourning.


I'm ready to go to the manifestation here in a few minutes. I'll explain it tonight. I'm sure it's gonna be massive. Maybe a million people...



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you Spaniards whipped the ass of Aznar...his party lost the elections! hahaha not quite the 'popular' party now, eh?! and they're saying it's mostly 'cuz young people in spain got mad at him for supporting the attack on iraq and that this support led to this attack on spain....i don't buy that argument, but still...i kinda didn't like aznar, so am glad he's out! :D


"The Popular Party has made me lose faith in politics," said Juan Rigola, 23, a biologist in Barcelona. "It deserves to lose and to see the Spanish people turn against them."


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Yeeeeeah, I know Maya and you can understand my feelings right now, and also people from USA here...


And about Aznar, I'm so glad they haven't win the elections!! At least we're getting something good from the attacks. And, of course we're mad at him!!!!!!

The 90% of the spanish people was against the Iraq war support but he didn't mind and supported Bush...

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well, i was against the iraq war too, and though i'm u.s. citizen (from india), i'm glad india didn't get into that unfair war.


but i don't like this link of how terrorists bomb places to seek 'revenge' for iraq war...that is not right also.


i am thinking Osama bin Laden has been caught by now...pakistan caught him and handed him to secret CIA of U.S. that's why U.S. is not mad at pakistan even after they gave away their nuclear secrets to North Korea, Iran, and Libya :stunned: :rolleyes: that is a whole lot of politics...and that politics plays with the future and lives of millions of people around the world! :confused:

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He was caught? Woow, I didn't know it... But although he's arrested the organization Al-Qaeda is still alive so...


Yeeah, the world is moving just because of politics and money, definitely.


I saw a banner in the manifestation: it's your war but they're our deads.

So damn true!!

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The Motorola handset and its internal identity, or SIM, card supplied the vital clues that led to the arrests on Saturday afternoon of five suspects—three Moroccans and two Indian nationals. The five were held in connection with illegal manipulation of the phone and its SIM card.


Two Spanish citizens of Indian origin were also questioned by the police. According to a Spanish government official, at least two and possibly all four of the Indians ran a shop in Madrid where they sold—not always legally—prepaid SIM cards. Spanish defense analyst Rafael Bardají suggests they may have been unwitting collaborators. "Perhaps the poor chaps were only the people who prepared the illegal phones," he says. "The question is, to whom did they sell the phones?"


the arrested spanyards of indian origin (at least two names that have been provided) are Hindus, not Muslims....so they couldn't have even known that the phone cards they are selling would be used in such a way :/ :confused:



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Aww noni :( *hugs* I hope you feel okay. :kiss:

I don't really know how you feel but...there was a terrorist attack in Bali which I don't think anyone here would of heard about but many Australians died and i felt saddened by it but you know...I hope you can overcome your sadness too..I just hope you're doing okay cos when I read about it I actually thought of you Noni! And I was wondering if you knew anybody who was injured.. :(

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It's so shocking what some people will do :cry:

I was shocked and horrified by this and it's horrible how it was planned and happened 911 days after 9/11

We had 3 minutes silence today as a mark of respect for everyone effected by this and I'm very sorry for all those in Spain and my thoughts are with you Noni and Eva and everyone in Spain and especially Madrid at this time :( :kiss:

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girlstar...i do remember the Bali bombings...of all the places in Indonesia, they bombed the only small island where there are Hindus...plus, well, it's more "free" then rest of Indonesia so no wonder that most foreign visitors to Indonesia visit Bali...


in any case, there's just too much politics at the top-level of world leadership and that's why all this terrorism goes on...

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Also when i go to visit my grandma´s on summer holidays i catch a train and it runs on atocha´s railway station so i really feel i could be one of them, but i try to not think a lot about this, because if i think on it i´m sure i can´t back my daily routine.

I done all better i think i can done with it, my three webs was closed to add me on spanish feelings and as a tribute to all people was dead, i only added a poem that i wrote, but now my webs work again, all of we need back now to our daily routine.

We always remembered that was happened 11M, we always remember this day.

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Hi Noni and all our Spanish friends :)


What happened last week in Madrid was horrific... I can't even describe it properly.

I experienced the bomb in Omagh, Northern Ireland in 1998, which killed 29 people. It was the single worst terrorist attack in N.I.

Myself, my Mum and Nana were incredibly lucky, because we were on our way to the town so we were there immediately afterwards - it was a shocking sight and a nightmare to this day. My Mum, who is a nurse, wasn't working at the time but all nurses/doctors etc were called for...so she had to go and help and I'll never forget when she came home... she just cried and cried... :cry:

I don't want to go into it all right now, but I know that this is a very tough time for you all.


Terrorism = Just stop.


If I could do anything to help... I would :kiss:

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