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Track 05 - Let Somebody Go | Coldplay X Selena Gomez | Music of the Spheres


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14 minutes ago, ToniMoreno said:

Totally agree with you.

But I have to say that the video is good.


Do you think they are going to release a Cd/Vinyl of the single like My Unievrse and High Power?

Yes, considering the promo, I think it's a safe bet.

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The video was by far the best they've put out this era, even if it wasn't really tied into the theme of the spheres. I had my doubts about Dave Meyers but he really pulled through. Sorta like everyone else at first I was disappointed that Jonny, Will and Guy weren't in the video but the song seems personal to two people (Chris and Selena) so overall the concept of the video is very reflective of the song. Could be award worthy if they continue to market it as well as they have already!!

This shot is absolutely amazing and gives me goosebumps every time I look at it 🥺



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On 2/18/2022 at 3:26 PM, TealAppeal said:

Got loads of Inception vibes from this music video. Glad it was in black and white, has a timeless quality to it.

Haha came here to say the same thing! While sad indeed that this didn't seem to continue the MOTS themes, this had cool visuals. Reminds me of the Up&Up video but not as memorable. 😛 

Also what did everyone think of the Single version? The earlier drums, faster tempo, and slightly more guitar were interesting. 

...not to be confused with the "Spotify Singles" version of LSG, which from I understood is a LIVE version that's been cleaned up for release on Spotify? That one sounds mega and might be my favourite version besides...the 1 other proper live version on James Corden. 

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Just noticed something.
During Selena's verse on the "called the mathematicians and I asked them to explain" line, the harmony is actually sang by Will.
I very, VERY heavilly doubt that this was recorded with intention Will being the harmony for Selena, I'm willing to bet that the original demo was solo and has Chris singing that part and Will harmonizing to Chris, as always, and simply Will's harmony survived the final version over Selena's lead.
A strong indicator also is that Chris is the one singing that harmony on all live performances of the track, instead of Will.

Also another small thing.
Those Chris "when you love somebody..." harmonies at the ending part seem like an afterthought by the producer/programmer of the track. They are soooo obviously (and badly if you hear them isolated) just re-pitched vocals to create harmonies from a different take, propably the lead vocals, when the recording session of the song was already over, so that means it was added quite late in production.

I guess if one of the producers of the album would see my comment would smirk that I caught those because I would aswell if somebody would clock me. This gives a good idea of without knowing pretty like anything about the creating of the track, how it was made and a good approximation to how the demo sounded.

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