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The Nigel Harman AKA Dennis Rickman Thread/NIGELISM

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*smooches screen*




I was just commenting on your avatar Charlie... on the Nick Valensi thread :smug:


But *raises hand* I'll gladly join this wonderful, wonderful thread. Dennis is the reason to watch all EastEnders episodes, even if some of them are a bit lame :P


Oooh, Dennis. Phwoar......

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This is just for you Charlie, seeing as you didn't get to buy the actual magazine!There were loads more questions but I just picked a few.. :D


Interview with Nigel in heat mag...

What sort of lady do you go for then?

[Naughty smile] "A blind one who doesn't have a telly. I think women are fantastic. I don't have a type. I find brains very attractive and I like women who are confident and happy with themselves. I haven't been out with many red-heads but that's because I haven't met any. But that doesn't mean I'm anti-ginge[Holds head in hands] Sometimes I should just shut up!"


OK, so you're not anti-ginge. Are you still single?

Absolutely, so if you can all form an orderly queue please ( :wink3: )


Have you got a chat-up line?

No, I get too embaressed. If I'm not sure if someone fancies me, I just ask. It just cuts all that crap out, like when you're going in for that first kiss and she delves in her handbag.


Awww how sweet!! :lol:

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