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I had 4 reasons to be happy today :)


Liverpool beat Middlesbrough 2-0

Played football for 3 hours with Hicksy which was fun.

Killed a God in Everquest for the first time. (nerd i know)

Flyers won 7-2 :lol:

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I-.... Yeah. Huh.


The ball kept hitting off inanimate objects and generally crazyness insued. Eg We were both pretty crap at golf, but my friend hit this wicked shot from about 100 yards right onto the green, which was astonishing at the time, then I made the exact same type of shot and my ball managed to hit his ball and thump it off the green and into the sand pit.


Many, many unpredictable things happened.

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a Role thing? like with creatures and they get cursed and staff?

like the role games you play in/at the table? :confused:


yeah like them, with orcs, goblins, dragons, elves, dwarves etc


ah, we have those games here, but we play them on/at the table....... like If you were playing cards..... you play role games :confused:

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