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The Big Brother 5 Thread


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:o crikey...:D :D :D i'm watching the fighting live now....the channel 4 episode is going to be crazy. i wonder if someone is thrown out, i don't want Victor out...Marco Annoyed me SO much...!..

just when i thought he was being alright too.

...hmm, just now, they're showing shots of the daytime...i think Victor is OUTTA There :P :cry:

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ah Come on!....i just said ARSE Timber...you not going to laugh at that..?

ARSE TIMBER :D i JUST made that up...c'mon Denise....

if you don't laugh at it, or humour me...maybe Badly Drawn Girl Will (Finger Crossed) :D

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Does anyone actually know what happened last night?


I know it had something to do with Victor and Jay and that Emma is back in the bedsit and that security had to be called in and the live feed had to be cut.


The website isn't giving much away and I'm intregued :stunned:

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i don't fully know anything nope... :confused:

only that the security took Emma to the bedsit like you said. I thought Victor was going to get kicked out..there were loads of banging of trays, i though maybe he'd done the world a favour and banged Emma of the head..., but i think that's doubtful. :sneaky:

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I got an e~mail saying what happened

It all kicked off when a food fight got out of hand then marco was annoying the crap out of jay then he threatened him because he was dancing around in front of him and spraying water at him

but it all went down when victor was playfully throwing bits of food at emma but she got annoyed and fucked a tray at his head then he threw it back at her then she went for him and started laying into him so they had to be seperated and emma went back to the bedsit and then security was called in :dizzy2:

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Is she? Poor chicken though...stuck on her own :stunned:


If Emma gets chucked out Victor should too! :idea2:


I liked the way right at the end the camera zoomed into the painting on the wall "no more war" :rolleyes: :lol:

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what a show!

i promised myself that i wouldnt get addicted lol but after that fight... LOL great stuff :cool:


crazy man :dizzy: it was like a drunken brawl outside my local nightclub :lol: :lol: ah i joke. not really.


damn my sky tv for not working....... keep me posted guys!!!

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