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Bush being compared to Hitler?


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I don't really think Bush is unintelligent either... just a phenominally bad public speaker. :lol:


I think his real fault lies in the fact that he's unbelievably stubborn, and thinks that having good intentions are the same as getting good results, and he refuses to accept that any of his decisions are, in retrospect, wrong, even though the entire rest of the country (indeed, the world) can see that. That's why Donald Rumsfeld hasn't been canned yet: if Bush fired him, he'd have to essentially admit that he was wrong to hire him in the first place, which he'll never do.


Basically, I think saying he's a bad leader because he's stupid is a gross oversimplification, and an ignorant one at that, even in jest. :P


At any rate, as numerous people have said, it's bewildering that anybody would compare him to Hitler.



nah i still think he's an incredibly stupid man :P :lol:

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:lol: I pay close attention too, but your words sounds 100 times more wise than mine, and I also fnd history fascinating, but again, you sound or seem to knows a lot more than I do........ I love science you know, and...... I frogot the point, well the thing is that I don't know much about them

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Well, for one thing, I'm a native English speaker, so I can probably write more eloquently than you. :P


I'm also older, and 4 years or so makes a big difference at our age. I didn't have nearly as good a grasp of most things then as I do now, and in another four years, I'll probably think the same thing about how I am now... if that makes any sense. :dozey:

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Okay, back to the topic... I wasn't going to say anything but yeah, comparing between the two of them made my blood boil.




But then again, one is a president of a country I'm not a part of, and the other murdered 95% of my family :dozey:


Oh, I'm so sorry :cry: Really shocked now.


Don't be, not your fault luv :kiss:

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badlydrawngirl' date=' I'm totally agree with you! and excuse me! but i really hate him!!! I think that if he didn't start all this shit, Nick Berg have been alive yet![/quote']


Nick Berg might also be alive if he'd left Iraq when the US military told him to. That's one death over there that you can't blame on Bush.

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You know, If you want to blame someone, you're always will find excuses and reasons and a person to blame.


Everyone is blaming Bush, when the problem came much earlier. It's just either he did it go worst or he makeed look like worst, and everyone is blaming him of what's happening. But the fault/blame never relyes on one person only.

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