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Lost in Translation


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i can understand why people wouldn't like it...because nothign really seems to HAPPEN..!..although..i really loved it...i just got the DVD earlier than it was released in England from Play.com i JUST finished watching it, as it was recommended by my brother. I love the Feel(not really sure if this Is the correct word i'm looking for) of the film. the Soundtrack is brilliant (i think) music for me can make an average film a great film, and when a great film has great Music (American beauty) [in my opinion] then....it's better than Great :idea2: it's super!

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I really love this film.

It's true that nothing really happens in it... but the chemistry between Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray is fantastic :blush:

They were both two lost souls and they found a deep friendship with each other, it's great!

It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside :cool:

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