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  1. Totally agree... If they release something next year, there are a lot of possibilities that the new album will be influenced by the AHFOD era (colourful, poppier and optimistic). If they sepparate the releases between several years, the influence will be less and less, they'll be able to see things in a new perspective to write totally new music. I think a lot of us don't want an AHFOD Part 2 album. This era was great, I know, but I hope they did something a bit different this time like, I don't know, 80s-like music? xD I'd love something with a lot of classical music influence tho. Anyway, there's no way for us to figure this out right now, but I bet this thing is going to be pop all over again... :P
  2. I'd scream if they answered my question! So lucky! What was your reaction?
  3. A moment ago, on the livestream on Coldplay's Facebook page, Matt answered a question made by someone called "I Ran Away", I was wondering if that was you!? XD
  4. I'm hoping somebody can help us shed some light on this before the prices go up on the website I saw the releases!
  5. Hello, well I was looking for the new book for the band, and I stumbled upon two releases from different editors: * ECW Press, Canada * Carlton Books Ltd. I think Carlton is the one that officialy released this book, but its more expensive that the ECW Press (at least where I'm planning to buy a copy) Is there any difference in the cover/paper quality between this two releases? I can't see those books phisically to check that, so I'm asking to the ones that may have this release already, and maybe we can check if there's any difference between both books! A big Thanks in advance!
  6. Guys, I was wondering which font did they used on the logo of the film this time. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks!
  7. It is called "ITC Golden Type", it's the same as the Ghost Stories tracklist on the back of the CD case... http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/itc/golden-type/
  8. Yeah, it says "Make Trade Fair"...
  9. Yeah, they did that, they followed the acual trend on the music industry. But what if they decided to go the other way round? I just hope they tried something more experimental, or even raw sounds on the new record, just as VLV had some. I remember when Linkin Park released A Thousand Suns. At first was such an odd album taking into account it was theirs, and the fans smashed the band saying they've changed; but today it is considered a masterpiece, because how experimental it was and the way it flows until the end. I want Coldplay to do something like that, risk it all by doing something totally different, not just pop... :( anyways I have a strong feeling they're going kinda pop againt in the future...
  10. I was thinking about that "end of a chapter" thing... This "chapter", the AHFOD era, was their poppiest ever: A lot of pop sounds in the record and the shows. Could this mean they will left behind this type of pop sound and focus on something more experimental this time maybe? Will the "heavy" guitars return to the albums? I hope they focus on playing some more experimental things this time on the new album... more guitars hopefully.. I hope they close this chapter to open a new one with some more percussion, bass focused, less echoing but distorted songs... and more symbolism on the lyrics! Not going just LOVE EVERYWHERE straight forward :p
  11. In my job, I always put some Coldplay songs on the audio system... A lot of people come and go everyday, butt no one seems to recognise any of the songs! Then my coworkers come and put some other bands or just the radio. Such a shame not to find someone who loves the band as much as I do. Anyway, listening to "Animals", "Speed Of Sound" or "Violet Hill" makes work more fun to me... Anyway, I'll continue my research for coldplay fans here in my zone! Over.-
  12. Wow nice thread!!! IDK if this was already posted but, my favorite funny thing on a concert is in this video, the end of Talk with the piano! Give me goosebumps every time LOL!!! Really love how Chris ends this one!!!!
  13. That's what happens when just one member of the band writes almost all the songs! XD PD: In Charlie Brown, the lyrics say "in my scarecrow dreams", that implies the existence of crows right? Is that a reference too? LOL
  14. I think we need to see first what you have! ;)
  15. I can do it much better but I'm short on time... Anyway, glad you guys like it! :P
  16. I made this, hope it helps... I know I'm not the best at editing but... :P
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