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  1. I thought that lyric video was made by someone else since the font used on it seems different...
  2. Why would Juliet want to phone Romeo by an Ouija since both died at the same time?
  3. I was about to do this!!! :( Im gonna do a version of this too :p
  4. Hi guys... Well, a user from Reddit recorded a different version of Everyday Life that some radios on The Netherlands are broadcasting this days. Note that: * It has the studio vocals from the regular version * Different intro with Jonny and Chris at the piano instead of the orchestra (I LOVE IT) * Different outro, shorter and with little orchestra, but more emotional. * Everything else stays the same. At first I thouht it was some of the live versions recorded at the BBC or another studio, but it is in fact an edited version of the track, and I love it! What do you think? Is there a way to get this "alternative version" on its full glory? LINK: [MEDIA=googledrive]1aR926aZE8kY-BAbS1IjDnUIXyLPNSY7s[/MEDIA] View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aR926aZE8kY-BAbS1IjDnUIXyLPNSY7s/view Original thread: [MEDIA=reddit]Coldplay/comments/em4v6w[/MEDIA] View: https://www.reddit.com/r/Coldplay/comments/em4v6w/everyday_life_alternative_version_the_track/
  5. Stop sharing these snippets unless it's the full thing people! :'( I almost had a heart attack
  6. Hope that happens so we get the chance again... Also, sometimes I think the file is already out there but under another name. BTW I'm still working on the AOAL remix! It's taking so long because of my work... :/
  7. Yeah, maybe someday this will surface, but since it's a very very rare demo, I guess it will take some (long) time until someone gets their hands on the file from the actual owner's computer and start leaking the song... at least that's the way I imagine it happening...
  8. Well, it seems 9496662123 (the track title on SoundCloud) is a phone number... Someone should make a call :D
  9. yup, they stay hidden because they’re selling illegal stuff (demos obtained from inside the label maybe), so they can make money and still be able to get more files from that source.
  10. Well. He obviously knows about the Music Of The Spheres thing and uses that to troll us...
  11. Today is the April’s Fools day equivalent on some other parts of the world... keep that in mind!
  12. the race for the race // snooker music.io that’s it? Come on man!!! Let us know what to do!!!
  13. It's still working for me, its a new snippet for "The Race", other part of the song. It's not the same snippet we got on the AHFOD film.
  14. So sad this isn't getting released... sounds so good!!! EDIT: Been listening to this thing on repeat. JUST RELEASE IT ALREADY :(
  15. That's what I'm hoping for... I really need a higher quality version of Ode. I man, we have the cassette riped version and Bathmath's version, which is mono, sadly enough. I wonder where did he got that version, it's so much cleaner than the original rip.
  16. I'd love a vinyl ersion of Safety EP and Ode/B+S. I was listening to The Blue Room the other night and the sound was so different back then, I mean, the quality of recordings and how they were mixed. It adds some mysticism to them. I can imagine those studios recording everything into tape and then converting that to digital, right?
  17. Well you have a point here. Officially there's no hard case version of EL. Unofficially, on the other hand... https://www.discogs.com/es/Coldplay-Everyday-Life/release/14505303
  18. Actually, no. Their first studio album that came in a cardboard sleeve was Viva La Vida on some countries (like Australia), and then the Prospekt's March dual disc followed up.
  19. Nope, just Cry Cry Cry and Trouble In Town are said to have music videos being worked on...
  20. That would put Kirboh as a freaking hero.
  21. It was nothing out of the ordinary questions and 'Orphans' playing, isn't it?
  22. Of course we can, and we will! B) Can someone PM me the Flacs FLAC? :P
  23. That's how the song actually starts... Compare the audio from your copy with the song on Spotify or YouTube to see if they all match.
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