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  1. Arcade Fire would be awesome. But also Muse, waauw! :lol:
  2. Hihi, very funny! Chris' face is perfect for this :D
  3. Yeah, I did!! :D I stood in the front row, right in front of Jonny at the concert in Rotterdam. At the end of Yellow Jon walked towards me, and I thought "ahh he's going to give away his pick" so I was like waving my arms or something hihi, me me! :D And he looked at me and threw it in my direction!! :D (It fell on the ground in front of the gate, where all these butterflies were lying on the ground, so you almost couldn't see it. I was hanging over the gate and shouting at the stupid security man who couldn't see the thing, like "THERE, OVER THERE!! UNDER THE YELLOW BUTTERFLY...THE YELLOW ONE!! THEHEEEEEERE!!!!" :angel: Eventually the security guy saw it and grabbed it, and I was like "I WANT IT! HE TREW IT AT ME!!" Because suddenly there were all other girls next to me who wanted it too, but the security guy gave it to me. Pfew! :lol: Oh and from the secret gig in Amsterdam where I was I got a pick from Chris' LoversInJapan/VivaLaVida/keyboard-thing :P:cool: Allright, sorry offtopic..back to postcards ;)
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    woops *edit*
  5. Bauk


    There was a contest in which you had to show or tell why you had to win those tickets, why you hád to be at that concert, why you were the biggest fan. And believe it or not, I won with this little 'movie', hihi :P (click for watching)
  6. I'm glad it wasn't released as a single, some songs just shouldn't be a single. Then it would be played over and over again untill you get sick of it. Now it stays beautiful, for just the people who know the whole album. :)
  7. The new track titles, because then you realize it's almost going to happen.. :)
  8. Bauk


    Yes, that's possible, it was broadcasted on television! :) You can see me for just 2 sec. or so, at some point during Viva La Vida. Look for a girl with a white Make Trade Fair t-shirt haha ;) And i'll see you in Nijmegen then! :cool: @ Rudy: lol, my name is typically Frisian, this province in Holland which has its own language hihi. You can just call me Bauk, if that's easier. But then again, you don't have to pronounce it here online :p
  9. Politik is the best song ever to me. Of all times. I can't explain what this song does to me. I love it when i'm very happy, I love it when i'm very angry (all this energy, wauw), I love it when I'm sad. Really the one song that is just perfect for every mood, to me. I got to hear the song two times live this year, and at that moment I was just standing there..enjoying the moment and almost as in a trance hihi :) It's just..:heart:
  10. Bauk


    I actually met them "just" once, but I went to 4 concerts. (or maybe that's what you meant and I don't understand hihi) :) Thanks for the warm welcome :)
  11. I speak Dutch, but also Frisian which is an official language in Holland for the province Friesland. And English. And a little bit German and French, but not that very well. :p
  12. Hoi! Ik ga ook eens proberen dit forum wat meer bij te houden :)
  13. Bauk


    Hi there, everybody! My name is Baukje and i'm from Holland. I'm a member of coldplaying.com since 2006, but I never posted on this forum. Now I'll see if I can get some change in that ;) I'm also on a dutch fansite, but we talk about much more then coldplay there, also lot's of other music and personal stuff. Most members there are not that big Coldplayfans anymore, so I thought i'd check it out here! :) I also joined the Postcards From Far Away project, which is a really nice idea! I've seen Coldplay 4 times. The first time was in Arnhem in 2005. This year i've seen them 2 nights in a row in Rotterdam in october, which was amazing! Front row, both times! :dance: And in June I won tickets for the secret gig which was in Amsterdam. Front row again, and Chris shaking my hand while singing Viva La Vida, waaauw! :D :D After the concert I got to meet them all 4, we shook hands and they signed my setlist. They were so nice, asking "hey, how are you doing?" Really great!! I still can't believe that day really happened! :) And now it's waiting for september, when I will see them 2 nights in a row again in Nijmegen, can't wait!!! :D Woops, long introduction hihi! :)
  14. Hahaha, great topic this one! :D ..When you've been listening just to Coldplay for weeks and weeks and weeks and your parents are sick of it (woops, that wasn't meant to happen!) ..When your boss at work shows you a newspaper article about Coldplay she saved for you :) ..When your friends tell you that they think of you everytime they see or hear a Coldplaysong :)
  15. When I first heard it I was in the car, on a 2days holiday with a friend of mine and her parents. (Hating the fact that I could only download it two days later:P ) (The second time I heard it I was at another friend's house) and the third (and many, many, many) time(s after that) I was finally at home, downloading it :)
  16. Here is the postcard that I made and sent hihi! :) Very nice idea, this project! :)
  17. I would love to go, but I haven't got tickets...suppose there's nobody who can help me to get 2 tickets? :cry:
  18. Hey! I'm from Holland and next week i'm gonna visit a good friend of mine, who is living in Stockholm for half a year. It would just be so cool if we could go to the concert!! Does anybody have 2 tickets left, or know somebody who suddenly can't go anymore..?! If you do, please contact me! (email: [email protected]) Thank you very much! And those who are attending the concert..have fun! :cool:
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